A story that has lasted for 60 years

Our History


In 1954 Enzo Tesolin started the business of stamp construction and blanking of metal materials. Over the years new machinery and process were added to blanking to complete the work in cycle. Continues attention to the staff, the driving force behind the company success and a smooth generational turnover ensure continuity between past and future.


Today our company is focused on the cold working of steel and stainless steel.

Tesolin is able to offer its customers not only stamping, but the design and manufacture of the dies as well.

They can be small or medium sized for a wide range of fields including textiles, agriculture, food and furniture.


Social responsibility

Tesolin feels that it is essential to defend and protect health and safety of its employees.

This is why we have obtained and maintained OHSAS 18001 certification that identifies the international standard for the management system of workers’ health and safety.

In line with the Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Tesolin belives that a company must have an active role in social and cultural communities where it operates.

In the perspective of solidarity and social responsibility, Tesolin also believes that a company must have an active role in the social and cultural activities of the territory in which it operates. He supports the cause for Verità per Giulio Regeni.

Since more than ten years Tesolin is the technical sponsor with its metal structures of Pordenonelegge, “The party of the book with the authors” which is held every September and has established a close and successful partnership with cooperativa San Mauro.